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Falls Assessment & Management

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has recently published some statistics around falls in community dwelling adults. 

Rates of hospitalisation per year due to falls is increasing 3% per annum.

100 000 people ages 65+ were hospitalised in 2012-2013.

74% of these resulted in hip fracture with 22% suffering head injury.

72% of these cases occurred at home or in residential aged care.

Physiotherapists who perform falls assessment and management programs can provide rehabilitation to reduce falls.

If you know someone, or you yourself, have experienced a fall come and see how we can help! 

Balance Retraining

Balance retraining is a large component of Vestibular Rehabilitation and Falls Management. 
Your Physiotherapist is specifically trained in assessing balance holistically and prescribing a balance program specifically for your needs.
Your Physio may ask you questions relating to medications you take, falls history, medical history etc to ensure all areas of falls are addressed.
From here a tailored balance treatment program will be developed for you.

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